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"There's only 1 moon. So no matter where you are, if we're both looking at the moon at the same time, were both connected."
-Scott Cooke McCreery

McCreerians World turned 3 today!

Wow thanks for a great 3 years! :)

your eyes are killling me Scotty

this is my favorite thing!!! ahh!!

Four years ago today, Scotty auditioned and change our lives forever.
so cute

Speaking of Scotty sleeping on a plane…

Scotty McCreery talks about having nightmares about Lady Gaga [x]

Scotty is yes.
the name is Scotty.
Friday night football is king…
Scotty McCreery Check Yes Or No 6/22/2014 Chandler AZ
"This is that night, this is that song
This is the one, me and you’ve been waiting on
This is that moment you gonna remember for the rest of your life"
Scotty McCreery